Beenham in Bloom


Beenham Pre-School were recently awarded the Edwin Roe Memorial Cup for our winning Beenham in Bloom 2022 entry. We are honoured to be the first recipients of this wonderful trophy.




Increase to invoiced fees:
We'd like to give advance warning that we will be increasing our rates for invoiced fees from September 2022:
Under 3's £5.26 increase to £5.30 
3's and over £3.95 increase to £4.00
Our fees have remained at the same rate for a few years and as a committee we always try and keep any increases to a minimum.  If you have any queries or concerns feel free to email


ELSA Success


We are thrilled to have our own ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) on site. Our Manager has recently completed ELSA training as part of the first group of Early Years ELSAs in West Berkshire and we are sure this will be an invaluable addition to our expertise and the support which we can offer our children and their families. 



Covid-19 Risk Assessment


We are still following our covid risk assessment. Please wear face coverings on site and arrive at the correct time for your drop-off and pick up so that we can maintain a safe distance from the primary school families. Children with coughs, colds, temperatures or persistently runny noses should please stay home and no child should attend who has been given Calpol or anything which might mask a temperature.


if you would like a copy of our current Covid-19 Risk Assessment please contact Paula Read on


Term 2 - News


Please remember to send in hats and gloves/mittens now that the weather is
getting colder. Even on the coldest of days we still have free flow to the
outside spaces (and it helps our covid risk assessment to be outside as much as
possible !!).


We were so thrilled to be featured in the Newbury Weekly News for our Makaton learning!

We are located at:


Beenham Pre-School
The Community Room
Berkshire RG7 5NN

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


Paula Read (Manager)

In Session: 07704 663393
Out of Hours: 07793 116937


Please note that the in session phone could be answered by any staff member and should not be used for confidential discussions. 


Or use our contact form on our 'Contact Us' Page.

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